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Like what if she had recently cheated on him or something? What if she was abusive and he was afraid of her? The list goes on. Like I get that people should just break up but life can be so complicated.

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Chinese man with 17 girlfriends caught out at hospital arrested for fraud

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You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Download Bored Panda app! What do you think? From BoredPanda! Pol Macqueron 1 year ago I think the way he acted is wrong but this should be kept private. Jace 1 year ago Why isn't it the answer?

Pol Macqueron 1 year ago I understand the idea of shaming within your own social circle. Ramon Santiago 1 year ago lol Hans 1 year ago Wow Hans 1 year ago One should probably add that Snapshat, in general, is about as useful as a hole in the head.

Luca 1 year ago A hole in the head is, neuroscientifically, more useful than Snapchat. Kenny Kulbiski 1 year ago Agreed. You should stop apologizing because each time you do so further amplifies the wrong message that you were indeed in the wrong. I would recommend proceeding with caution and certainty if this is really what you want, and perhaps give her more space for now to cool off.

So my ex was everything to me. He said that if I wanted him back I needed to be me, authentic, real and honest. Please help. Whatever you do, avoid begging or it'll only damage all chances you have of getting him back. Keep calm and be patient. If you've made significant changes since the breakup, it'll be a matter of time that he takes notice but you shouldn't do anything that might jeopardize that chance and push him away. I'm 22years old this year, me and my ex had been together for 1and half year,after I went to college I found a guy whom I started seeing..

You could use this article for more information on reaching out to an ex again after a long time. I would advise you to take things slow and be patient, especially if he responds negatively at the start. Unfortunately, it's a consequence you'll have to live with because of your actions. Give him some space to cool off before trying to make it up to him and see if he's willing to give things a second chance.

About a week ago me and my girlfriend got into a fight. Our argument started over a simple phone where I just wanted it put away while we were eating. She then began to act really concern about the phone because it was also unlocked when I put it in my pocket to just have a meal. Things went left such as yelling and mean comments and then took my watch and saw I was talking to their girls and possibly cheated. If she will move on or not. I honestly genuinely love her and feel sorry for everything that has happened but I do need a little advice.

We have communication problems and trust problems on both sides. I think you need to give both parties more distance for now, firstly for yourself to think things through and secondly, because it has come to such an extent that she's probably scared of you right now and possibly feeling traumatized. Give it time to cool off and work towards calming yourself down emotionally by applying NC for a month before you consider reaching out again.

Hello, I have this girlfriend I cheated on emotionally telling others my problems instead of her never going to her for any help when I was dealing with things as she often did to me. But I had a bad habit of going online and sexting women that I had gotten over. After being caught the first time I had already stopped every and all forms of sexual contact with anyone but her.

I talked to some of the people as friends and she went through all the messages and found a bunch of drunken texts I made no effort to hide. She was devasted. I had even forgotten but the more and more it was shoved down my throat the more I remembered. I'm already not that person anymore but she doesn't believe me. We got back together and she found another one from way back after reinstalling an app I had used.

Chinese man with 17 girlfriends caught out at hospital arrested for fraud

I thought I got rid of it all. I can't keep telling her I've changed when this is so fresh in her head. Had I come clean about the number there wouldn't be a chance in hell I believe.. Out of habit? Because I like the anonymous dirty talk I didn't think I could engage in with her? I admit I did like it.

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But I stopped. I knew if she had found out it'd be really hard to come back from. I was a pig. I was a monster. I don't deserve her. But we both love each other more than anything. Even though she says she doesn't anymore I know it's not true by the pain in her voice. What can I do? What can I say to win back the only girl I've ever felt close to? These things usually takes time to build up since trust is not easily earned. You'll have to show her through consistent efforts and sincerity over a prolonged period most probably in order to convince her that you've changed.

There isn't much you can do specifically other than hope she comes around eventually and sees your current efforts instead of past actions. Inexperienced as I was, before I could let myself move on or heal, I jumped to the next prospect of relationship with this guy I was severely infatuated with.

He is a classmate of mine and I ended up telling him a yes when he proposed. However my ex long distant relationship bf had already wanted to pay me a visit and I did want to wait with the relationship but I was greedy and the new guy didn't seem to have a problem either. Like I asked him lot many times if he could take me visiting my ex or if he'd be fine by me gone for a while n at the same time I had assured nothing intimate would spark because that is exactly why I had called quits with my ex, because the attraction had just faded.

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However 3 days into my ex's arrival we got drunk and had sex. The same day I told him what and he lashed out for betrayal n left. However two days after he forgave me, established a physically intimate relationship with me and continued to show me hope for 2 Months. We did fight regularly.. But nothing lasted longer than a day. Until suddenly last week he called it quits while I was begging him, he blocked me. Now I see him in person at class and starts to resume whatever the usual stuff we do while saying that we are not together. I understand he's angry but I don't understand wtf is his plan now.

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Or if he has a plan at all. Now do u still recommend me to get the advanced plan? Right now, I don't think there's a specific plan in mind per say except deal with the breakup which resulted in him going back to how he was before the relationship.

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