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Spy Video Recorder Camera Demo. Phone appears completely turned off. Even the button backlight is off Touch screen once to click a picture Keep screen touched for burst mode pictures. Video files are auto split at 2 GB Supports front and back camera Very few permissions needed so privacy is assured Advanced shutter mute options Battery monitor option so video recording stops when battery is low Custom focus options for sharp pictures and videos.

Record with the screen off in Android

On supported devices, start recording by long press of the search button. Video recording starts but where are my videos? Videos do not show in Gallery. If there is no error message when you start video recording, chances are the videos recorded fine and stored on your phone. First let us make sure that your videos are recorded correctly. Follow the steps:. Go to Settings and uncheck the option for Hide Videos. Note the folder name in Video Folder. Now run app to record a video. Go to the Gallery app.

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The video should now show in the Gallery. If not, restart your phone. The video should now show in Gallery. To manually view the files, you will need a file manager app. The one that we recommend is Android File Manager.

It is free and can be downloaded from Google Play store here. Navigate to the Video Folder noted from step 2. You should see your videos. Go to Settings and check the option for Hide Videos. The newly recorded video should not show in Gallery. To locate the file manually, let us use the Android File Manager app. This will allow you to view hidden files in this app. Now navigate to the Video Folder and you should see the file.

Click on any file to play the video. Connect the phone to your computer and mount the SD card. Or your phone may default to media mode so you can directly view the files on your computer. Navigate to the Video Folder and copy the video files. If you are still unable to view the files, try to restart your phone and try another computer.

How to save to external SD card? How to save to SD card? And then get alerts when it is moved to certain locations….. Easy to configure and you can use dropbox if you still want the cloud functionality without the google account. Everything will be better, the ease of use, the footage…the quality….. Username or Email Address. Remember Me.

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How to Secretly Record Videos in Android Mobile

Colin , 1 year ago 6 min read. I was researching the latest spy gear and I noticed a lot of interest in Android Spy Apps. And finally…. I am going to answer the big question: Do I need to buy a spy camera or can I get away with just using my phone? You might be surprised…. Android Spy Camera Apps that work directly on the phone So as these apps run locally on the phone you might think they will be very basic.

These apps are capable of doing some incredible tricks.

There are loads of options. But it does something I never expected. Allows you to start and stop recording via SMS. From any number with any message.

Secret Video Recorder for Android - Download

All backed up to your cloud drive. Lots of camera options However……. Again, as with SVR there are a lot of adverts. Medieval themed interface The ever-present intrusive ads are across the MIDDLE of the screen…surely these would be better placed on the bottom. Not many options other than record so not much to recommend this app. Doing nothing. This range of apps aims to resurrect those old phones and re-provision them as spy cameras.

And the answer is yes……. IP Webcam If the ability to configure every minute aspect of your spy camera is what you are after. This is the app for you. This app can record the videos with a resolution of X pixels. Best hidden camera app for androidThis app works without any camera shutter sound and supports both front and back camera. You can also schedule a recording of this application and works without any video duration.

This app is only used for capturing photos. To start this application all you have to do is just press the volume key for capturing pictures.

You can also set a timer for taking pictures for a particular time or day. Best hidden camera app for android, this is actually a very advanced hidden camera that takes photos in the background. This app gives you an error-free experience as it is perfectly designed and well balanced for all the android devices.

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As there are lots of apps with similar names, but their features are not the same. Best hidden camera app for android. This app is designed and developed by Koko app studios. The interface of this app is simply awesome and that is what makes this app different from the others. This app is very smooth in catching the videos even when the phone is turned off.

This app also contains a collection of more than 80 Hd Wallpapers. This is another good application for recording videos secretly. You can use this app while using other application and shows a small-sized preview screen. This app records with both the front and back camera.

Best hidden camera app for android It also enables flash during the recording. This app also supports night mode recording and it gives you different types of previews as per your demand. You can also use this recorder even when your phone is turned off or locked.

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